We are a community of, for, and by students. We help students discern how they can be involved in leading this ministry.

Student Leadership
Warden: Travers Landreth
President: Sarah Tharpe
Music: Robert Manzone

Matt Hartley, Lay Chaplain

A proud UNF graduate, class of 2005, Matt has served the Osprey Episcopalians since January 2017 as the Lay Chaplain (which means he’s not a priest, but could definitely play one on TV.)  He grew up attending churches in various denominations, including Baptist, Evangelical, and Presbyterian, before more recently joining the Episcopal Church. Through these varied communities, he was fortunate to learn and experience the love of Christ in different ways of worship and theological understanding. He loves to encourage students in seeking the richness of Christ in their own tradition, as well as learning from different perspectives. He has a passion for creative worship, social justice, care of the Earth, and Interfaith education and cooperation.

Matt has over 12 years of ministry experience. He holds a M.A. in Religion from the University of Florida, completing a Master’s Thesis entitled, “Southern Crescent: Muslim Youth in the American South.”

Matt is also a proud Dad, Star Wars and Harry Potter nerd, Cellist, Hot Fries aficionado, and perpetually the campus minister most likely to be mistaken for a student.